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 Basic Territory Tactics

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Basic Territory Tactics Empty
PostSubject: Basic Territory Tactics   Basic Territory Tactics EmptyThu Jul 28, 2011 5:56 pm

Based on our nmubers and members we will have 2 attack teams, if your name was red under your team u will be a tank..either a beetle or machine thingy. tanks will do the most damage to the towers and base so its important that u do NOT die...when u get into TW party up with the party u were assigned to. then procced to buff up turn into a tank (need 600g and 3 crystals for each beetle) gold will be provided to the tanks for that purpose ONLY. each party will destroy 2 towers on their way to the base and then attack the base together with everyone. taanks should also be in the very back of each party, aoers in front skysongs/ressers in the middle. we also have 3 scounts/crystal gatheres 1 will go with each party, also delphia will go with the party without a vim for buffs...any other questions feel free to pm me or grooovy
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Territory Tactics   Basic Territory Tactics EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 2:18 am

Some notes I have been jotting down..

Set your pots to like 90% 1secs
Get at least 2k of the best pots
Bring bonus dmg necks and scorp pets

Get a set of buffs turtle/tiger to keep in your bag to rebuff yourself after you die
Get a battery if you can
Get a skysong def buff

When you enter TW all buffs get stripped, so don't bother buffing up outside at the flag

Party leaders need to make their parties ASAP upon entering TW
vims need to buff dps/aoers and the tanks for hp buff
Skysongs need to keep their parties buffed at all times

Top priority for skysongs and celans on the battlefield is to rez each other first!

Speak in common chat if you need rez and your party rezzer is dead

During the hour of TW, ally chat MUST be kept clear of all banter that is not part of the TW

Use your buffs before you transform
Pot up your hp after you transform
Place the skills and pots on hotkeys for spamming

Beetles have a special speed with invisibility buff use this to get around fast and escape mobs, have 2 attack skills

Rams are slow, clunky and vulnerable, have 2 attack skills

Duration of transformation is 20 minutes

When attacking towers as a machine turn on your esper

You can't use any of your faction skills while transformed

Formations for while on the move shall be: scout, then aoers in front, skysong in middle and machines slightly behind

Always ALWAYS stay with your party.

IF all aoers and rezzers get wiped out machines need pull off towers and run as fast and safely as you can back to base to regroup you are vulnerable and will die with no one there to defend you

AOE target the towers when our machines are attacking them

Scout basically run a little ahead to check for mob movements and relay this information back to the team

On the mini-map mobs are seen as blue dots

6 Crystals will spawn at the start of the TW and every 10 minutes for I believe 3 rounds

There will be an internal system message to announce the spawn of crystals

Subsequent crystal spawns will be picked by the designated teammate and given to the tanks as they need to re-transform after death or timed out

First round of crystals will be picked by the rams and 2 are need to set the defender towers at base

watch this video: http://tinyurl.com/TWPVE
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Basic Territory Tactics
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